Short trip today. Due to weather

From klos to mokre. About 15 km along the 206, no, thanks not through the woods, not without a dammed good map! The day before i got me and lista in a swamp , i take more care now about choosing my way if it has to be along a main road so be it! As i said the weather is not so fine so i stopped early. I happen to be in mokre, met Adam here and his son. Really nice people . Lista is stabled with two stallions and another mare. As lista is in heat i hope she is having a good time and that she stays cool! I must say i am overwhelmed with the polish hospitality: everyone, well nearly everybody is friendly and willing to help. A warm thankm you especially to Julia and to Galina: i think i will not make it without their and all others help!

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    • eelco,lonneke en jimmy on May 16, 2010 at 10:53 am

    Even hallo zeggen vanuit NL.
    Zo te zien aan de foto`s hebben jullie het goed.
    Wat ontzettend leuk dat al die mensen zo gastvrij zijn.
    Dikke knuffel voor beide.

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