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на лошадях в Санкт-Петербург в фильмах и картинах; On horseback from Amsterdam to saint Petersburg in movies and pictures

and the videos on youtube|(click on the icon in the upper right side of the video to view the playlist)

pictures of the trip
more pictures
even more pictures
destination reached!
oops! wrong turn. Captured by russian soldiers, interviewed by their major. Nice guy, called me the flying Dutchman!


On the Russian/Latvian border
Jesus, how nervous can one be? Ages it seems to take. Endless row of trucks waiting to get in. Smell of diesel and truckdrivers sweat. At least lista has company as i am the official transporter of typhoon as well


en zo verder
Waar U eens luisterde naar de Estoonse electronische le vent nous portera ,

l’europe en si rien ne bouge! Noir désir…

waarom ik leef?
Uit Pure Koppigheid!
de Maan…
De kift….

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